Vascular diseases

Our Expertise in Cardiovascular Diseases

We propose a comprehensive in vivo package in order to take your product from cellular level to clinical phase. We focus on translational, species-independent models and use advanced tools in order to provide layers of independent supportive data.

  • Hindlimb ischemia models in different species (mouse, rat, rabbit):
    • Evaluation of blood flow via Laser Doppler analysis, bubble contrast ultrasound
    • X-ray analysis: angiogram
    • Analysis of blood vessel functionality (immunohistochemistry CD34/Dextran)
    • Supportive histological and biomolecular parameters


  • Stroke models in different species (mouse, rat, rabbit) – embolic and mechanical induction; permanent and transient occlusions; local or distal embolizations:
    • Analysis of cortical blood flow by Transcranial Laser Doppler
    • Morphological assessment
    • Imaging
    • Immunohistochemistry
    • Behavioural tests:
      • Adhesive removal
      • Staircase skilled reaching
      • Neuroscore
      • Forelimb placing test
      • Cylinder test
  • Ischemic Heart Disease model in different species (mouse, rat) – Transient Left Coronary Artery Occlusion:
    • Computerized analysis of infarct size (2,3,5-TTC staining)
    • ECG recording
    • Supportive histological analysis (H&E, troponin staining)
  • Wound Healing model in healthy, diabetic or aged mice
  • Complementary Angiogenesis models:
    • Ex ovo computerized HET-CAM assay
    • Endothelial Tube Formation assay
    • Aortic ring assay
    • Modified Corneal Pocket assay in rabbit
  • Erectile dysfunction models in diabetic, hypertensive or naive rats:
    • Relaxation test in isolated corpus cavernosum (from rabbits)
    • Vasoactivity evaluation by Laser Doppler analysis
    • Supportive biochemical parameters (determination of hormones and nitric oxide levels)
    • Supportive behavioural parameters (mounting behaviour test, mating performances, orientation activities)
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