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Our Histology Unit

Our histology unit is aimed at providing expert and cost effective histology and pathology services to our clients, in a complementary or stand-alone service setting. The Histology unit is managed by an expert in-house veterinarian pathologist.

The strength of our histology unit is in our understanding of the experimental design of pre-clinical efficacy or safety studies.

We have extensive experience in the development and implementation of different investigational methodologies utilizing a large array of techniques, including “free floating sections” as a modern method.

We provide researchers with valuable input at the early planning phase of a study, or carry out histology and pathology analysis at any stage of a project, customized to your needs.

  • Immunohistochemistry and special stains:
    • Stainings for fibrous tissue, stromal components, epithelial glycoproteins, calcification and more
    • From commonly used stains (Silver stain for bone tissue, Toluidine blue, Masson Trichrome and H&E) to more specialized staining methods (Paragon and more)
    • Special immunofluorescence for brain research, stem cells and other subjects
    • Morphometric service: Manual (semi-quantitative) and digital histological result quantification
    • Technical and scientific QA: We are a GLP-certified CRO. The histology unit is non-GLP, however uses a GLP compliant QA.
  • Gross pathology:
    • Sample methods: sample treatment and harvesting methods (full organ, biopsies, true cuts, fine needle aspirations, wet smears, damp smears etc.)
    • Different fixative media (formaldehyde, alcohols, Davidson, HOPE and other fixatives for tissues and cells)
    • Supporting animal models: Examining animal models with relevance to human diseases.
    • Organs measurements and weight, organ evaluation: Diagnosis of normal and abnormal organ morphology
    • Comparative anatomy & pathology
    • Documentation: Results are formatedd in tables and images, according to the client’s demand.
  • Cytology
    • Smear evaluation (malignancy, inflammation, unique cytological features)
    • Professional fixation, staining and immunohistochemistry of cytological smears
    • Cytospin
    • Broncho-alveolar lavage (BAL)
    • Bone marrow evaluation
    • Cerebrospinal fluid evaluation
    • Synovial fluid evaluation
  • Medical Device Analysis:
    • Sectioning of metal and other hard devices within the tissue, without creating artifacts through use of a diamond saw
    • Standard device sectioning in paraffin
    • High quality: unique plastic slides ensure smooth tissue sectioning (15-30 micron) and allow full histological evaluation in light microscopy
    • Perfect morphometric method: measurements performed directly on the slide (tissue density, % contact tissue/device), cellular involvment
  • Free floating sections: a sectioning method that can be used for immunefluorescence staining. It allows optimal antibody penetration and staining of thick sections that are then imaged through a confocal microscope.
  • Other services and capabilities:
    • In-situ hybridization on paraffin sections
    • Extraction of DNA and RNA from paraffin blocks
    • Specialized tissue fixatives (HOPE)
    • Development of new scientific methods in the fields of imaging, histology and tissue processing.


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