Aging- Not Young But Relevant

Not Young But Relevant: introducing new models for aging preclinical research

Aging is one of the major risk factors in the development of neurodegenerative disorders (including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases), yet, most of drug development preclinical researches are conducted on young animals (mice, rats). Genetic and environmental factors (inflammation, toxins, western diet) are other major risk factors, yet again, most of preclinical aging research is done in well controlled and clean environment. Thus, actual preclinical animal models for aging, neurodegenerative diseases are not satisfactory and lack the conditions associated with the development of the human diseases.
Our solution: Provide supplementary models, generated in aging animals

Not Young But Relevant: a new model for preclinical research in Parkinson’s disease.

The high attrition rate observed during first phases of clinical trials are in discrepancy with the good results obtained during preclinical testing. What is not working? We think in vivo models for Parkinson’s Disease need to be improved and  take into account the major known risks factors: aging, inflammation, environmental toxins, western diet… we are generating such models in mice, and we anticipate that these models will provide a useful tools for all upcoming neurodegenerative research.


Dr Y and Dr NoClue discuss the need of a better model for Parkinson’s Disease research, the discussion continue every day in our Linked In Pharmaseed Translational Group, join us!



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